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Challenge 9: Crossing the Streams!

My last challenge for the week! *g*

Description: This is a crossover challenge. Comment here with a list of five to ten fandoms and I will use the randomizer to pick two of them for you to use. You may either write a crossover ficlet or create crossover art.

- comment here with your list of fandoms. When you've received your two fandoms, you have the following options: art and/or writing.

For writing: The fic needs to feature at least one character from each fandom and they need to have about equal "screen time" - so it can't be all about one character and then right at the end the crossover character comes in.

For art: Your art needs to feature at least one characters from each of the two fandoms and they need to be represented equally. You may blend two images together, but it's not a requirement (so for a picspam you could have three images from one fandom and three from another).

You can either post your entry in your own journal, keepers_log or right here in the comments.

Submit using this form:

Points: 101 points max., you may mix & match art and writing
Writing: 5 points per 10 words. that's 200 words for points (you may write more if you want).
- 5 points per icon/sig tag
- 15 for tumblr graphic
- 20 for picspam (at least 6 images) or fanmix or wallpaper

+ 1 for your sigtag

Notes: Please keep in mind that I can't be around 24/7, so don't leave it too late to request two fandoms, or you might end up with less time than you thought!

Due Date: June 14, 8pm Middle European Time (countdown)
Tags: challenge 08, cycle 03
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