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Guest Host Sign Ups Cycle 04

If you have a week in mind, it will be first come first served. Rule change: You can sign up for 2 weeks now if you want. I will PM you on either Friday or Saturday before the Monday of the week you are scheduled to host as a reminder.

Guest Hosts:
- Volunteers only. You do not have to host to participate in this comm.
- Earn 250 pts for one week of hosting
- Maximum of two weeks per cycle. Please try and make them non-consecutive, if possible.
- Please post at least an intro post ("hi, it's me") on first day of week (Monday) to let people know week is covered.
- Total available points for individuals from challenge(s) please use best discretion. This can be done as one large challenge, or several smaller ones
- Team points are optional; they will count as "TEAM" on the spreadsheet.  Team points do not count for individuals (unless individual points are also listed in the team challenge)
- Must answer any questions from participants
- NEW Must comment to "Tracking the Challenges" when posting challenge, and comment to 24 Hr Reminder when your challenge has 24 hours left. Links can be found in sidebar and Guest Host Resources.
- Must organize and total up individual and/or team scores to submit to the coders to put on the spreadsheet
- Must post Final Results
- Challenges are up to the host. They can be writing, graphics, voting, theme, coloring pages, games, fan mix, puzzles, memes, 2 part, etc. They can also be individual, team, or other.
- Deadlines are up to the host. They can be flash challenges, or can last much longer. Only criteria is that challenges must end before the last day of the cycle.

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magicians: q: boat quest

Challenge 12: Look What I Drew!


Draw a picture that your favorite character would draw when they were a child. (Or a picture that they would draw now, if they are a child in canon.)


- Example (by ariestess at onceuponaland):

- You don't have to use actual crayons and paper, you can draw in Paint or in any other graphic program.

- The drawing can be a gift for another character, or it can be something the child character draws for themselves.

- It can be as serious or as cracky as you want.

- If you enter more than one picture, you can use the same character or different characters.

- Post your entry as a comment to your team thread or as a separate post elsewhere (such as keepers_log or your own lj). Post in your team thread using this form:


30 points for one drawing (up to 3)

+ 1 point for using a sig tag

Total: 30-91 points

Due Date: Thursday, June 18th, 18:00 UTC (Countdown clock here; Time converter here)
fedcon: us with tricia helfer

Challenge 11: Lighthouse Social


In the comments (outside of the team threads) talk to other lighthouse_the members about ANYTHING. Ask questions, make new friends, squee, flail, commiserate, ramble about your fandoms... :D


- A comment that counts for points needs to have at least three words, even if you post a picture/gif. There is no maximum length. (Posting shorter comments not for points is totally okay.)

- You're more than welcome to keep playing after you get full points! :)

- If your conversation topic is nsfw or potentially triggering (which includes COVID-19), please start your comment with a warning. It only applies to comments that start the conversation - if you reply to a comment with a warning you don't need to warn again.

- Link your comments in your team thread using this form:


2 points per comment (it doesn't matter if it's a new comment or a reply to someone else), up to 25 comments

+ 1 point for a sig tag when you link your comments

Total: 2-51 points

Due Date: Wednesday, June 17th, 18:00 UTC (Countdown clock here; Time converter here)

Challenge 10: Youngest and Oldest


Make a graphic with at least 2 pictures of your favorite character: at least 1 picture of the youngest canon version of them, and at least 1 picture of the oldest canon version of them.


- You can use any kind of fandom that has pictures/screencaps: tv shows, movies, comic books, games, etc.

- You can make any kind of graphics larger than an icon - tumblr graphics, wallpapers, picspams, etc.

- If you make more than one graphic, you need to use different characters for each of them.

- If it's a linear show/movie/etc., you simply use pictures from the character's first scene and last scene (or most recent scene, if the canon isn't over yet).

- If the character has childhood flashbacks, you use those as the youngest. (For example for Emma Swan you would use a picture of her as a newborn.)

- If there are flashforwards or alternate realities where the character is older than they are "currently", you use those as the oldest.

- Use spoiler cuts for big spoilers (use your best discretion to decide what they are).

- Post your entry as a comment to your team thread or as a separate post elsewhere (such as keepers_log or your own lj). Post in your team thread using this form:


20 points for one graphic (up to 4)

+ 1 point for using a sig tag

Total: 20-81 points

Due Date: Monday, June 8th, 18:00 UTC (Countdown clock here; Time converter here)